Always Pointing North

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Businesses at times have a mentality of set it and forget it when it comes to there website and their marketing. Some don’t realize how outdated the site is or even realize what content is even out there or whether or not their site is even up. Our Strategy at Facing north Digital Is  Re branding your business digitally So you when you stand on the tallest hill and shout your name everyone can hear you. 

Sellenriek Grading


After 60 years in business and 50 of those years in Golf Course construction and renovation. Sellenriek grading was it need of a redesign and Redevelopment. Over the last 10 years sellenriek grading had been doing more then just Golf Course construction and renovation


Our solution was expanding upon all the services that sellenreik grading had the ability to offer. We also increased Focus on projects like Athletic Field construction, custom home excavation, Hardscape and Landscaping and increased their presence within these fields.

Bi State Fire Protection


Bi-State Fire Protection and their website had been lost in the shuffle since 2008 the website was not found in Google search and was not indexed. For the last 30 years Bi-State Fire Protection is grown throughout the St Louis area and they wanted to expand on their capabilities and services


Our solution was putting Bi-State fire protection's services and capabilities in the Forefront by showing the projects completed in more of the gallery and presentation for future and existing clients.

Trademark Medical


Trademark Medical was in a unique scenario as their products were both sold online as well as by distributors. Their current website had never up until redesign sold any products online. Our job was to change how they were viewed and increase the ability for online sales


Our solution generated a highly indexed e-commerce solution that increased visibility and was user-friendly. With the introduction of a new product offering exclusive to the United States. The new design and increased visibility greatly aided product launch.

Wilken Seamless Guttering


Wilkens Seamless Gutters had tried the do-it-yourself approach to web design and SEO. Prior to redesign Wilkin saw very little new customer traffic generated from the website. The website also did not properly portray their projects in their gallery or deliver any type of call to action or value proposition.


Our solution for wilken Seamless Gutters was to increase visibility. Develop a website that would showcase not only the quality in their craft but their expertise as well while at the same time expanding upon there keywords to increase search visibility online.

Crosby Chiropractic

The goal with Crosby Chiropractic was an updated theme updated design, and increased visibility as well as expanding upon their existing services and giving their new Services Fresh Light.

STL Athletic Center

STL Athletic Center is a new Athletic Facility currently being constructed in the former Chrysler plant in Fenton Missouri. Our goal was to increase visibility among sponsors, investors, and partnering clubs. To date the project has been fully funded, has a very large portfolio of sponsors. And has already taken field reservations for partnering clubs almost 8 months before the doors will even open.